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Fixed Term Contracts of Employment under the Amended Labour Relations Act

The Labour Relations Act has been amended as of 1 January 2015. It is a well-known and widespread practice for employers to structure contracts of employment in such a way that the permanence of the contract is avoided. For example…
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The difference between a General and Special Power of Attorney

Special Power of attorney: enable an agent/authorised person to attend to a specific act only. General Power of attorney: enables an agent/authorised person to attend to a variety of different acts. Generally it is comprised of various clauses enabling a variety…
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Conveyancing: Very Basics of the Sectional Titles Act

The Sectional Titles Act (“the Act”) allows registration of title to a building or parts of it. The Act makes provision for dividing buildings into sections together with common property and exclusive use areas. It also makes provision for the transfer…
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