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Fixed Term Contracts of Employment under the Amended Labour Relations Act

The Labour Relations Act has been amended as of 1 January 2015. It is a well-known and widespread practice for employers to structure contracts of employment in such a way that the permanence of the contract is avoided. For example…
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Is your company safeguarded by its Memorandum of Incorporation (“MOI”)

The New Companies Act, which is referred to in this article as “the Act”, now makes provision for a single constitutive document for companies. Under the old act there were two constitutive documents namely the Memorandum of Association and the…
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The status of shareholders agreements under the new Companies Act (71 of 2008)

The Companies Act states that the shareholders of a company may enter into any agreement with one another concerning any matter relating to the company. A shareholders agreement (SHA) has to be consistent with the Companies Act and with the…
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